A New Beginning!

Track-On HD was born out of the success of TRACK-HD with theaim of extending the results of TRACK-HD to HD gene-carriers that have not yet developed the symptoms of the disease (pre-manifest).

Track-On HD was launched in mid-April 2012 and involves 240 participants over 2 years from 4 international sites: Leiden (The Netherlands), London (UK), Paris (France), Vancouver (Canada).

Why Track-On HD?

Because premanifest participants show little, if any overtly detectable sign of the disease, more sensitive measures need to be developed that can capture these very subtle changes that are taking place as the disease progresses. If specific markers of premanifest stages of the disease can be identified, then a clear roadmap can be designed for testing treatments targeted at stages before
symptom onset.

Because the biological changes caused by the HD gene mutation are complex and act across different levels of physiology and behaviour, Track-On HD, like its predecessor TRACK-HD, includes a number of different measures and methods in the effort to characterize and map out the progression of the disease.

Our Bag of Tricks

The unique experience acquired from the 3 years of TRACK-HD has shaped Track-On HD into an innovative and ground-breaking study. A selection of the most robust measures from TRACK-HD have been carried on into Track-On HD, while a range of new, highly promising measures have also been included, because we hope they will give new insights into disease progression in its earliest stages.

During the 2 years of Track-On HD we will be looking for:




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Would you like to find out more?

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Updated April 27, 2012